Teknoritma was founded by professionals who have worked actively in the field of health informatics for many years, and aims to provide solutions for the Hospital Information Management System and related applications of the sector with its young and dynamic team. Teknoritma makes continuous analysis and development based on the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders. Working with the most valuable healthcare facilities in the industry, Teknoritma, with its years of experience, closely monitors technological developments and develops solutions in parallel with the demands of the Ministry of Health and affiliated/related institutions.

  • 2003

    Turkey's first web-based health information system

    Sarus Health Information Systems Platform, Turkey's first web-based health information system, is correct.

  • 2006

    Initial installation on 1000 beds

    Sarus is being used for the first time by a hospital over 1000 beds.

  • 2017

    Turkey's First City Hospital started to work with Sarus.

    Turkey's first city hospital with 1350 beds and a daily capacity of 12000 patients started its working life with Sarus.

  • 2019

    He started working with Sarus, the world's largest hospital, which was built in one go.

    It started its working life with Sarus, the largest hospital in the world and in Turkey, with 4800 beds and a daily capacity of over 30.000 patients.

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